I have really not clear behaviour of Nosto module which is displaying mockups products instead of normal products from Magento 2.

Please see an example of Nosto module with mockups products: enter image description here

Steps accomplished to display correct Magento products in the Nosto module:

  1. Nosto module has been installed and connected to the Nosto test account enter image description here
  2. Reindex has been run to push products from Magento into Nosto
  3. Real products from Magento are visible inside Nosto admin panel enter image description here
  4. Default and custom template has been tested with the recommendation module based on the browsing history.
  5. HTML Nosto placeholder tag has been added into the Magento template.
  6. Nosto module is displaying in the chosen place with ?nostodebug=true variable added into the URL (preview mode)

I know that it is possible to display real products because for other project did in the same way I can see real Magento products. So I am not sure what has been missed here if the settings are the same for Magento and Nosto.

I have followed this guide from Nosto to try to solve the problem but without luck.

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