Please give me the solution for this problem, I didn't change any modules i can't catch this error how it occured

> SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table
> 'amtdb.amt_tbl_price_list_data_from_sheet_marketing' doesn't exist,
> query was: SHOW CREATE TABLE
> amt_tbl_price_list_data_from_sheet_marketing
  • Do you install any new extension? – David Duong 2 days ago
  • no didn't install any extenstions – Sabareesh 2 days ago
  • Do you use any custom extension? – David Duong 2 days ago
  • No there is no custom extension – Sabareesh 2 days ago
  • I need to check your website. If you can provide it, you can add my skype duongquyet90 , I will check it for you. – David Duong 2 days ago

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