Image quality blurry issue in mobile view product list/details page. magento ver is 2.2.4. I found the reason for this issue. Having 2 MB image file and product uploaded in admin side. Then i can see the image size as 200 kb only. using image adapter is graphics Gmagick . Product actual image size 1000 x 1506 px. PNG / JPEG format. For now i have uploaded high resolution image like retina images. tried to product uploaded in admin side image size are more than 8 MB and size would be 3527 x 5290 px.After uploaded product images we can see more difference of image size and weight.enter image description here I used high resolution image

How to avoid/control auto compression after uploaded product image? Anybody share the solution.

  • What's your setting in Stores > Configuration > Advanced > System, under "Images Upload Configuration"? – magento68 Mar 21 at 4:09
  • Hi there is no image upload configuration option in magento 2.2.4 @ ibb.co/ssxNKQL . – bhas kar Mar 21 at 10:39

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