I have cloned the git on my local system, Now how to run the commands for cloud site. How to do this?

As I have CLI for this, But I don't know how I can use this?

Please suggest me for the same.



Install the magento-cloud CLI.

curl -sS https://accounts.magento.cloud/cli/installer | php

Add magento-cloud CLI to the bash profile.

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.magento-cloud/bin

Consult operating system documentation for details.

Reload the updated bash profile.

. ~/.bash_profile

To initiate the CLI, call magento-cloud and enter your Cloud account credentials when prompted.


Welcome to Magento Cloud!
Please log in using your Magento Cloud account.
Your email address or username:

Verify the magento-cloud command is in your path. The following example lists the available commands.

magento-cloud list

source : https://devdocs.magento.com/cloud/reference/cli-ref-topic.html

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