I know the way to get the block but not about the payment info.


Please check my below line for this. Hope this will help, and if it is please mark this as answer.


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  • Can you add the code here rather than a link please? Links may result in a 404 if they get removed whereas the code on the answer will remain and can be edited if needs be. – Ben Crook Apr 3 at 10:01
  • Getting issue with putting code here that's why i have added the link. – Sandeep Verma Apr 3 at 11:07
  • @SandeepVerma module is not working it does not reflect the changes. – Tanmay 2 days ago
  • Have you clear the cache? – Sandeep Verma 2 days ago
  • Yes and changes are not reflected – Tanmay yesterday

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