I have simple products with custom options, where I can add the products with different options on cart. In cart page, its show different cart items.

For Example: Simple product with cutom options (color and size)

Cart Item 1: Black with small size
Cart Item 2: Green with small size

I added cart item 1 with maximum quantity. While adding the cart item 2 with maximum quantity it throws an error message as

The requested qty exceeds the maximum qty allowed in shopping cart

Excepted results: It should add the item without throwing an error.

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I noticed in the latest magento version 2.3.4 they updated the condition of maximum value from the cart per product in CheckQuoteItemQtyPlugin file.

Go to the file path:

vendor / magento/ module-inventory-sales / Plugin / StockState / CheckQuoteItemQtyPlugin.php

Here you can below code under aroundCheckQuoteItemQty function

$qty = max($this->getNumber($itemQty), $this->getNumber($qtyToCheck));

Override the plugin file and change the above code to

$qty = $this->getNumber($itemQty);

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