I have made an upload file with both simple and configurable products. I have also specified all the necessary configurable_variations.

I am using the Add/Update import behaviour

When I click Check Data there are no errors in the Validation results

Validation Result

However, when I click import, I get Maximum error count has been reached or system error is occurred!and Invalid URL key.

enter image description here

The url_key column for all the products is empty.

So far, the solutions like this one that I have come across are not helping.

How can go about solving this error and import products successfully.

Thanks in advance!


Issue may be in your category url column. In my case there were two consecutive commas in category URL.


Found something related to this question please refer this link.

Magento 2 product import error

hope it will be helpful.

  • Thanks @Dimple Panchal I came across that link but it wasn't helpful, what is working for me at moment is breaking down the one file into multiple files. This seems to products imported successfully.
    – Esseme
    Mar 19 '20 at 11:18

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