Recently found a problem, when saving the product I get an error about url-rewrites conflict.

example find conflicts

enter image description here

Using some sql script, I was able to clean up the conflicting url rewrites. But the problem appeared again, after a while.

When create new products / categories and change URL-keys for them, that was used earlier, it causes conflicts between old and new products / categories.

Magento automatically generates rewrites and add 1 to URL-key for a new product / category. It's not good for Seo to have such duplicated URLs on the site.

For that reason, don't need this auto redirects and if i disable 'Create Permanent Redirect for old URL' functionality, it won't duplicate the content as Magento will notify you if you try to add the same URL for two products / categories .

Please tell me what kind of problem can I get if I disable the 'Create Permanent Redirect for old URL' functionality?

This is the only solution for me at the moment.

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