I am trying to upgrade current version of Magento to Magento On magereport.com says there are 3 patches were not installed in current magento version So how should I process ?

Should I directly upgrade magento version to without updating those patches ? Would that be fine.

  • The Magento 1 end of life is nearing on June 1st 2020, there will be no official support for Magento developers and merchants. Therefore, it’s difficult for you to have a quick solution if you meet any technical problem with your website. So you should upgrade to Magento 2.x instead of version If you are still considering, you need to figure out all the reason why upgrade to Magento 2 in this article: blog.litextension.com/why-to-upgrade-to-magento-2 – LitExtension Magento Migration Mar 20 at 9:02

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