I want to apply different catalog price rules, based on the subtotal of the current quote.

I have set up multiple catalog price rules.

Rule 1
Priority 3
Discount amount: 10%
Stop Further Rules Processing: Yes

Rule 2
Priority 2
Discount amount: 15%
Stop Further Rules Processing: Yes

Rule 3
Priority 1
Discount amount: 20%
Stop Further Rules Processing: Yes

Rule 4
Priority 0
Discount amount: 25%
Stop Further Rules Processing: Yes

I want to check the cart total before I decide which catalog rule to use.

Example: If the cart subtotal is between 1000 and 10000, apply rule 3.

I think this should be possible because Magento stores all the product prices in the database and is not calculated "on the run".

Where does Magento check the priority of a catalog price rule? My assumption would be, that I can implement my own custom logic somewhere around there.

I know this is possible using shopping cart price rules, but I need this to work using catalog price rules, as I want to display the product price before its added to the cart.

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