I have multistore website .When I have done translation for one store , I have found that it is done on the other stores also. I want to make restring on indexing in the other stores . The canonical tag indicate the correct Google version but some content like images are shown in results . The question is how can I restrict indexing on one store Thanks in advance


This does not sound like an indexing issue.

If you want to display different data for different stores, you have to enter that data in the correct scope in the backend.

You should have a scope selection dropdown in the upper left of your "Edit product" screen. Find more info here: https://docs.magento.com/m1/ce/user_guide/configuration/scope.html


First of all, you should check if your product data is translated correctly.

  • check in the backend; if you select the scope of your store view, is the field content correct, for example for "description"?
  • 2nd, check in the database: for example, the "description" values are stored in the table catalog_product_entity_text. Filter this table for the product-ID, attribute-ID for description, and store-ID of your store. Is the translation correct?
  • if you want to hide a product from a certain store, do the same as above for the attribute "visibility" which is store in catalog_product_entity_int.
  • Thanks for your answer , but can you explain bit more – Ahmed C Mar 11 at 9:47
  • Sure, what part of the documentation linked above do you not understand? – simonthesorcerer Mar 11 at 9:51
  • My problem is about products that have certain behavior which means are translated that should not appear in certain stores , that is it – Ahmed C Mar 11 at 10:03
  • Sorry, I don't really understand your English, but I tried a bit better how to check if your translated values get saved. – simonthesorcerer Mar 11 at 10:08
  • We have multiple websites(stores) linked together . We have tranlsation of porducts in one store but the problem that is appearing in the other stores. Added to that it is showing redirection when clicking on the product from another store – Ahmed C Mar 11 at 10:10

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