I am rewriting an import logic and figuring an ongoing issue where the data is not correctly stored alongside the configurable data. I'm trying to create/update products accordingly to the given data and save it into the database.

I'm iterating over previously generated data like this:


            $configAttribute = $product->getTypeInstance()->getConfigurableAttributesAsArray();
            foreach ($this->getConfigProductData() as $pId => $identifier) {
                $configAttribute[0]['values'][] = $identifier;


After that, I do set other data, like Stock Data. Then I proceed to save the Configurable Product with $product->getResource()->save($product).

However, the product does not store the data at all. It does not even store the Attribute Id ($this->getConfigurableAttributeId() returns my attribute ID for the configurable product).

If I try to store it via $product->save() the same amount of data is stored (none). The product I'm trying to save has been loaded from a collection, not with a direct Magento Product, yet the same occours if I try to handle a product that I load directly via its ID.

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