We are using magento ver 2.2.4 and after run magento security scan tool, In generated report we found following error:-

Outdated JS Libraries - Failed.Outdated AngularJS library found, response body contains unexpected Security Update 'AngularJS v1.2.17-build.178+sha.2406084'

We have to apply the Magento 2.2.7/2.1.16 Security Update for solve above issue but my question is if we look into above security update (https://magento.com/security/patches/magento-2.2.7-and-2.1.16-security-update) then there are PRODSECBUG-2074 patch mentioned but i couldn't found this patch in magento resource download.

Anybody know how to apply PRODSECBUG-2074 patch in magento store? Thanks

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    I have same issue, Please share if you found any solutions Mar 4, 2020 at 8:41

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That's because that is an internal refference for Magento, not really a patch name. You need to download Magento 2.2.7 and get the files from setup/pub/angular and replace your local ones. This shouldn't affect your site as these files are being used during setup wizard.

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