I started a new Magento 2 project and i always keep my projects in bitbucket... When i added the files to push i got like 200Mb of files is it really necessary to keep a Magento 2 project in a repository?

I am using this .gitignore file

  • Can you start a new project in a public bitbucket repo so we can take a look? Commented Feb 28, 2020 at 22:50

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What is necessary to keep in a repository in the context of Development System Setup of Pipeline Deployment is the default .gitignore that you are using.

There are also build and production system setup documented for pipeline deployment that are to include additional folders in source control.

The Development System Setup documentation lays out the recommendation for "for anyone with a large site who does not want downtime during deployment" There is also "a single machine and can tolerate some downtime during deployment, see Single-machine deployment"

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