When i try to export csv from backend it get the message "Message is added to queue, wait to get your file soon". but i did not get any file later. I tried this 4-5 time, same message appears.

what is the issue. Is the file getting saved somewhere into magento directory?

  • file export is added in CRON. it will be downloaded in var folder. please check var folder.
    – Pawan
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:27
  • if CRON is not scheduled, run php bin/magento cron:run.
    – Pawan
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:30
  • In which folder particularly ?
    – Nafsss
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:32
  • I think var root, with some job id file name
    – Pawan
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:33
  • do we need to set cron for this? i get nothing when i run crontab -l
    – Nafsss
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:41

After export product, You will see some file at var folder like:


After that you can run below command if CRON is not set

php bin/magento queue:consumers:start exportProcessor

Above command will create another file with your export data.

For more information, read thread at GitHub

  • This worked. Thanx
    – Nafsss
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:55
  • glad to know that..welcome :)
    – Pawan
    Feb 27 '20 at 13:55

Since version 2.3, Magento started using Asynchronous and deferred operations for executing heavy operations. You have to make sure that your crons are running and wait for it to finish.


Disable the the Add Secret Key to URL option

  • In the Magento Admin, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security.
  • Set the Add Secret Key to URLs option to No.
  • Click Save Config.
  • Clean cache under System > Tools > Cache Management or by running bin/magento cache:clean or in Magento Admin.

To get the export file, run the bin/magento queue:consumers:start exportProcessor command. After running this, the file should be displayed in the grid.

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