enter image description here

The above one is the 3rd party module's require-config.js. It contains the js file inside the adminhtml/web/js. I want to override that.

So I created a custom module and made changes in the require-config.js like below. enter image description here

But it is not overriding the original js file of that 3rd party module. I also put the module as a sequence like below.

<module name="Override_Barcode" schema_version="1.0.1" setup_version="1.0.1" >
        <module name="BoostMyShop_BarcodeInventory"/>

Please help me with this.

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I solved it. It was my mistake. I put require js file outside of adminhtml folder in my custom module. That's why it is failed to override the 3rd party js file. Now it is working.

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