After updating to Magento 2.3.4 from 2.2.6 on my staging server with nginx server and php7.2 I am facing issue in compiling less and css files. The files styles-l.css and styles-m.css are missing - not generated.

During static contend deploy I get errors: Compilation from source:

variable @modal-popup-breakpoint-screen__m is undefined in file var/view_preprocessed/pub/static/frontend/Magento/blank/en_US/Magento_Checkout/css/source/module/checkout/_tooltip.less in _tooltip.less on line 11, column 41
10| @checkout-tooltip__hover__z-index: @tooltip__z-index;
11| @checkout-tooltip-breakpoint__screen-m: @modal-popup-breakpoint-screen__m;
13| @checkout-tooltip-icon-arrow__font-size: 10px;
14| @checkout-tooltip-icon-arrow__left: -( @checkout-tooltip-content__padding + @checkout-tooltip-icon-arrow__font-size - @checkout-tooltip-content__border-width);

tried this but not fixed Magento 2 less compilation error while setup:static-content:deploy

remove pub/static/adminhtml, pub/static/frontent, var/view_preprocessed. After that, deploy your Magento again via SSH and check your site again.


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