When I activate Gzip I find that my site is slow, as if Varnish was not doing its job.

  • No, you shouldn't. Slowdown may occur if the compression takes place before hitting Varnish. E.g. if you have set up an NGINX SSL termination with gzip compression pointing to Varnish. As opposed to setting up compression in Varnish's backend. – Danila Vershinin Feb 24 at 23:54

Gzip compression generally has no negative impact on Varnish's performance. Varnish will store the Gzip'ed content without performing any modifications to it and will deliver the same content to the client.

Given that Varnish actually can serve this content as a hit, it should be really fast.

Can you send me the full varnishlog output for the slow transaction? This will show where the delay is located and whether or not Varnish can actually cache the response.

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