I'm using the Luma theme in Magento 2.3.3, my other transactional emails are working properly. I've no idea how to start debugging it.

How could I start debugging this issue and what to consider?


I solved it checking following these steps:

  • Check the DB table called product_alert_stock where you have all the alerts.
  • Try to run the specific cron job called catalog_product_alert which sends the emails via Magerun2, you can run it via magerun sys:cron:run.
  • Check if you have some SMTP or email module installed (e.g. Mailchimp), you can disable it to check, and check its logs.
  • Change the theme to Luma via admin.
  • You can try to disable all the third-party modules to finish your tests.
  • Run the composer update to check if it's some issue already fixed.

If you didn't find the issue after all these steps, probably the issue is on your server.

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