I have created new project using

npx @magento/pwa-buildpack create-project ./projectname \
--name @magezilla/projectname \
--template venia-concept \

How can I override packages/venia-ui/lib/components/Logo in my project ? I have added in /projectname/src/components/Logo and update logo but this is not working


We put together a simple tutorial of how to override Venia components to display simple custom content on your Magento PWA Studio site.

You can check out 2 examples:

  • Sample 1: display a Masthead at the Main Top Content position on all pages of Magento PWA Studio site
  • Sample 2: display a slideshow at the Main Top Content position on the homepage of Magento PWA Studio site.

We hope the tutorial can give you some hints to override any element on a PWA Studio site.

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