I'm working on Magento2.3.3 CE.

The Magento2 default magnifier is working fine on the PDP page. I have used the below code for implementing the magnifier in my custom theme.

<var name="magnifier"> <var name="fullscreenzoom">20</var> <var name="top"></var> <var name="left"></var> <var name="width"></var> <var name="height"></var> <var name="eventType">click</var> <var name="enabled">false</var> </var>

The magnifier widget was opened once I click on the product image (default behavior).

But my requirement is, I will add a zoom icon on the product image. So when I click on the icon only the magnifier widget needs open. Otherwise the magnifier no need to be open.

I have tried by editing the magnifier.js (lib/web/magnifier/magnifier.js) Line number: 388

function clickEvents(thumb) {
    $(".zoom-icon-img").on('click', function (e) {

        if (showWrapper) {
            if (!isOverThumb) {
                if (magnifierOptions.status !== 0) {
                isOverThumb = true;

Here, zoom-icon-img is the class of the zoom icon image. But it throws some js error.

Thanks in advance.

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