I am facing a strange issue in Magento 2.3.0 admin whenever I try to update the product, the price change automatically (eg. ₦ 99,000 to ₦ 99) I guess there is something wrong while saving the value if I update the price removing the comma everything works great.

Please help


That's a default behavior. Use 99,000.00 instead.

If you use comma(,) only then that will be considered as decimal point and your price will be saved accordingly.

Ex : 
99,000 will be saved as 99.00
99,009 will be saved as 99.01 (rounding applied)

If you use both comma(,) and period(.) then period(.) will be considered as decimal point and comma(,) will be ignored.

Ex : 
99,000.00 will be saved as 99,000.00
99,00.9 will be saved as 9,900.90
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  • ThanQ so much I was really confused because of this. – Mustafa Taheri Feb 25 at 8:11

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