I want to make swatches in sorting in natural sorting order. Like using below PHP function: "strnatcasecmp"

I know it can be done through admin like drag and drop to size/color option. But I only want this done by programmatically as no matter what is the position set in the admin for these options.

Below is the file where these swatches are rendering:


Below is the screenshot is attached: enter image description here

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You can override /vendor/magento/module-swatches/Block/Product/Renderer/Configurable.php file in your custom module for customisation in swatches.

You need to change in public function getJsonSwatchConfig() function for sort text swatches.


public function getJsonSwatchConfig()
    $attributesData = $this->getSwatchAttributesData();
    $allOptionIds = $this->getConfigurableOptionsIds($attributesData);
    $swatchesData = $this->swatchHelper->getSwatchesByOptionsId($allOptionIds);

    $config = [];
    foreach ($attributesData as $attributeId => $attributeDataArray) {
        if (isset($attributeDataArray['options'])) {
            $config[$attributeId] = $this->addSwatchDataForAttribute(
    return $this->jsonEncoder->encode($config);

You just simply check for text swatches in getJsonSwatchConfig():

if ($attributeDataArray['swatch_input_type'] == 'text') {
//Your custom code

I hope it will helpful for you.

  • can you pls show me how can I sort it as I have already tried this way, also the $config has valid data as I want, but on product page, its not working. Feb 24, 2020 at 6:18

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