For what is "downloadable_domains" in env.php file? I have read on Magento dev docs, but I can`t understand where it is used? Please do not add links to dev docs. Describe please your point of view. Thanks in advance!


When you are creating Downloadable Product(s), you are setting a link/url to download particular File/Resource.

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The domain name of this link/url must be white-listed and to do so, you need to add this domain name in env.php file under "downloadable_domains".

Listing the CLI commands to manage "downloadable_domains" :

To add a domain :

bin/magento downloadable:domains:add www.mydomain.com

To remove a domain :

bin/magento downloadable:domains:remove www.mydomain.com

To list all whitelisted domains :

bin/magento downloadable:domains:show
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