I'm using Magento2.3 Open Source. Here in the doc, you can see references to Store Credit in the Open Source version:

If the purchase was paid with store credit, mark the Refund to Store Credit checkbox to credit the amount to the customer account balance.

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    As I know store credit features available only in the enterprise edition. – Prasad D. Warnakulasuriya Feb 20 '20 at 3:02

The documentation you are referencing is for credit memos, you'll see in that same doc the definition of a credit memo:

A credit memo is a document that shows the amount that is due the customer for a full or partial refund.

This is different than store credit which is only available in Magento Commerce edition, not open source


I see the line you referenced now. I suspect that has just found its way into the the Open Source documentation erroneously. Store credit definitely isn't a feature of Magento Open Source.

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