I have few e-commerce websites running on individual Magento 2 installations. I am considering merging all the sites into one "multi-website" Magento 2 store.

I am not sure if this is a good approach and would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of each set-up and the merging process to correctly asses the benefit and risk that would be involved.

To give you a bit of background information:

  • Each store is unique, however, some products in the catalogue apply to multiple sites.
  • Each site has a unique design (theme).
  • Each store has it's own set of custom/3rd party modules, again, some of them apply across multiple websites.
  • Each store has it's own database.
  • I have about 12 Magento stores and there will be more.

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages, how difficult would it be to merge the existing stores into one installation (mainly looking from the database perspective)?

The top-level reasons for considering the above approach:

  1. Upgrades and patching of individual Magento installations drains time.
  2. Managing of product information across the individual Magento installations proves difficult.
  3. Integration of multiple Magento stores into one ERP system is getting messy.

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