I am using Magento2.3.2 version.


1)I added one product with 5 Quantity.

So, Quantity is now 5 and Salable Quantity also 5.

2)Now I realize I have only 4 quantity and by mistake, I added 5.

So, I update the Quantity from 5 to 4.

So now Quantity is 4 and salable quantity is 5.

How to decrease Salable Quantity?

Another Example:

1)Create a new product with 1 quantity.

So, Quantity is 1 and Salable quantity is 1.

2)Now that product is sold offline.

So, I edit the product and set Quantity to 0.

So now the Quantity is 0 but the Salable Quantity is 1.

How to decrease Salable Quantity?

Any trick from admin or any module for that?

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I can't explain you here how saleable quantity logic was worked in M2, but read below link it the best example of how saleable quantity mechanism works.

Magento2 - Salable Quantity Calculation and Mechanism of Reservations

If you still have any confusion let me know i will give you more idea about saleable quantity.

  • I know how it works. but my question is how to decrease salable quantity without placing order.
    – JACK
    Feb 17, 2020 at 11:41

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