why would I use blocks, widgets and LESS to build a web page when the CRM supports standard web page construction?

I am trying to understand the overall logic and strategy of building themes and content in the CMS and front-end. I have little knowledge of PHP and XML thus my purpose for using the CRM. Sorry if this reads a little confusing...thus my quandary.

At this point, I am not building anything deeper than a website that I can sell from.

  • I have built my content on pages with NO blocks or widgets. Is this a security issue?
  • I am adding to LUMA with the Head>Scripts and Style Sheets field in the CMS backend.
  • I am using categories for my navigation;

The site works great!

So after researching how to theme Magento in Dev Docs the other day, I realized maybe I am using Magento the wrong way.

I am questioning :

  • Why would I use blocks or widgets if I am not building some business type functionality for my website?

  • What advantages do blocks have over just building straight HTML into a page besides disabling and enabling?

  • Why would I add onto LUMA with a LESS doc when all I have to do is write CSS externally, internally, inline or the CMS frontend via Content> DesignConfiguration> Head> Scripts and Style Sheets field? Is it a security issue?

  • Am I confusing the borderline between Magento2 development and Magento2 front end website building?

  • I am working in PRODUCTION mode. Is there any reason for me to change into DEVELOPMENT mode given that I am building in the CMS?

I know I asked a lot of questions but I am about a year into using Magento and I still have so much to learn. At some point, I would like to be a Magento developer but alas I am at the front door of Magento looking in.

Any light you shed on my quest for Magento2 enlightenment is more than appreciated. I thank you in advance for your time and professional knowledge.-Starkemp. BTW: Thank you, Prince, for all your previous help

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