I created a script that opens the minicart. Now adding product is made using JS/Ajax and I don't refresh the page. Now the problem is the Basket count is not being updated when I add to cart. Is there a way to manually triggers the headerCartUpdate function from Magento_Theme headerBasket.js?

So basically I want to call it after the ajaxSubmit of the catalog-add-to-cart.js


Magento fires 2 events in ajaxSubmit method event catalogCategoryAddToCartRedirect in code $('body').trigger('catalogCategoryAddToCartRedirect', eventData); fired if you set redirect to cart after add product configuration to true

The other one is contentUpdated in code $(self.options.minicartSelector).trigger('contentUpdated') if minicart is enabled.

You can subscribe to anyone based on your approach and execute your method.

You will need to add this code in


<script type="text/javascript">
require(['jquery'], function($){
    $("body").on("contentUpdated", function(event){
        // here; you can run any logic on event then run your method

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