I have a category called "Sport Shoes" in magento. The category has lots of subcategories and products on it. It's url key is "sport-shoes".

After changing category url key to "shoes-for-sports", no magento URL Rewrite is updated. All redirects are the same and no category or product url containg "shoes-for-sports" is working.

I have tried re-indexing products but that didn't solve the issue. I do not dare to use some kind of url regenerate extension, cause my website contains 150k+ products. It would take days to complete such a proccess.

But this is feature that should work ok in magento by default.

How can I fix it?


It was not there in 2.3 when I needed it. I think they have now removed the config to not regenerate on save... as this was recommended never to be off. I had speed issues with my script to fix and with some modules I tried.

elgentos/regenerate-catalog-urls is the module to use being fast, flexible and reliable. From the readme...

This extension adds console commands to be able to regenerate; a product rewrite URL based on its url path; a category rewrite URL based on its url path; a category URL path based on its URL key and its parent categories.

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Add category URL rewrite manually. Follow these steps

Marketing > URL Rewrites > Add New URL Rewtie > [ Choose 'For Category' ] > Save

This will fix your issue. Don't need to add 150k+ products again.

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