Here is a very special question ( hope you all understand the request ).

  1. I want to add in an admin HTML listing grid a custom checkbox filter.

  2. If this checkbox is checked I need to sort the full items in another way. Meaning, I need to Select all entities in my custom table and do special orders directly by using a subselect ( order all items first which has one SKU ). So for this, I think I have to build a native query.

  3. I need to add a custom column SKU which has only a value if the Entity has only one SKU.

So, my question is:

1) How can I add a custom checkbox filter ?

2) How can I manipulate the Filter Query if this Checkbox is set against a custom native query ?

3) How can I only fill a custom column with own value ? (which are not exiting in the table)

I do not find any solution to this in the Magento DEV Pages, so I hope some can tell me the LIST FILTER XML Syntax and the Classes which I have to investigate.

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