I have asked this question before Previous Question but I found some more information on how to set this up.

We have a webshop wich has groups of products wich have all been given a custom attribute set per category, which makes for about 40 attribute sets, for example a harddrive would have the attribute disksize, capacity etc.

Where as something as a a rubber band would have the attributes bandsize,diameter etc. We have set these attributes in an attribute called main_attributes which returns some custom attributes that have already been set from Magento1.9.

Now I basically wanna end up with this result but on Magento2.3.X. There is a similar question which also shows how we did it on Magento1.X

We basically wanna get the same result by having these attribute values be displayed in a the super table on the product page and make it smaller and scrollable and have a fixed header.

My best bet would be to make a module to make this happen but where do I start?

Handling grouped product attributes

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