I want to set 3 different currency for a single store in Magento 2. For e.g i have one store i.e store 1 I want to set 3 currency for this store for e.g Dollar, indian rupee and Euro. On frontend there will be currency convertor or something similar to that. Does this can be achieved with default functionality or using any extension.? My main concern is setting multiple prices for single product in single store view.


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To set 3 different currency for a single store in Magento 2, You have to select the currencies from

Admin->Stores->Configuration->General->Currency Setup

And in Allowed Currency, you can select multiple currencies as you want.

enter image description here

Then you have to set the Currency rates as default currency from

Admin->Stores->Currency->Currency Rates

enter image description here

At last flush the cache and you will see the Currency switcher on the frontend header as below image.

enter image description here

Hope this will help you.

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