I need, Multiple stores have a common country (i.e. united states and states should be all) then different tax rules for all stores(*).

I create two different stores US and US1 for the common country (i.e. united states)


Then create two different tax rules (i.e. US-tax rule and US1-tax rule) for both stores.


Next In Tax Zones and Rates set US Tax rate 5% and US1 tax 10%.


Now on the product details page while choosing store from the dropdown, product price display sum of 5%+10%, that is the wrong calculation.

For example, the product price is $22


on selecting US1 or US stores on both steps the result display 22(10% + 5%) = 25.30$ (wrong)


Proposed solution

  1. it should be on choosing US store, 22*10%= $24.2(right)

  2. US1 store 22*5%= $23.1 (right)

Is it bug or functionality?

how can we display separate tax on selecting particular stores from the dropdown?

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