I want to develop a membership functionality extension for my Magento 2.3.3 site, All I want is my customer can purchase 3 membership plans Gold, Silver, Bronze. The person who has purchased our membership will receive extra benefits from the platform for eg a person who has Gold membership will get a 10% discount on each product and other cart rules.

And if possible he will get 100 reward points.

Is there any way where I can develop this extension.

Thanks in Advance :)

  • What you have tried so far? – Amit Bera Feb 12 at 10:27
  • I guess that there are some extensions already available at the market. You can use those. – Amit Bera Feb 12 at 10:28
  • I have tried a free extension but it does not fulfil my requirements. but i am in planning phase and my thought is it can be achieved with the Following way 1.Make 3 Virtual products and 3 Customer Groups 2.Whoever buy one of the virtual product will assign to a particular customer group and 3.After that i will apply discounted coupons and rewards to those customer group. but i have no idea how to do all these things pro grammatically. and one more thing membership should have duration like 1 Year after one year Membership should be expire. plz help me to get this – Sayyed Hasan Feb 12 at 10:32

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