I would like turn all my js overwrites into mixins. I'm trying to create a mixin for the following file:


But the function in there doesn't have a name

' return function (paymentData, messageContainer) {'

When googling and checking magento 2 docs I can't find anything about how to turn a function without a name into a mixin. Anyone have an idea?


I will assume you use extra module for purpose customises on place order js

In module you need define file requirejs-config.js




var config = {
     config: {
       mixins: {
        'Magento_Checkout/js/action/place-order': {
            'YourVendor_ModuleName/js/action/place-order-mixin': true

file YourVendor_ModuleName/js/action/place-order-mixin

], function ($, wrapper) {
   'use strict';

    return function (placeOrderAction) {

      /** Override default place order action */
       return wrapper.wrap(placeOrderAction, function (originalAction, paymentData, messageContainer) {
          //Your extras logic here
          //Add extended functionality here

          return originalAction(paymentData, messageContainer);
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