The project using an extension called 'Amitshree'. I need to override an email template file (filename.html) created in this extension in my project.

I need a step by step solution because I am not a Magento Developer.

I went through some solutions in this platform, but couldn't resolve my task.

Edited : The following are the changes made in the files.

1. Copy the account_approval.html file from Amitshree/customer/view/adminhtml/email to app/code/project/tradeusers/view/frontend/email
2.The following line of code added in app/code/Project/Tradeusers/etc/email_template.xml

<template id="amitshree_customer_account_approved" label="Account activation confirmation for Trade user from Admin" file="account_approval.html" type="html" module="Project_Tradeuser" area="frontend"/>

But still the template loaded from extension only.



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