My project running Magento version Magento1.9.3.2.I have a menu drop down more category show that main reason hide or remove some item under the category.

This facility Magento admin panel through possible just add 'no' to Include in Navigation Menu. It's working category, sub category, and sub-sub category. This same facility not hiding or working sub-sub-sub category items.

Example: Iphone (Category) - mobiles(Sub Category) - New (Sub-Sub Category ) - iphone 11 pro (Sub-Sub-Sub category) and iphone 11 (Sub-Sub-Sub Category)

How can I hide iphone 11 pro only navigation bar ?

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You need to update your catalog.xml on following path : app/design/default/THEMENAME/layout/catalog.xml with this XML definition to remove the category filters from the left-layered navigation in Magento.

Follow this :

<reference name="catalog.leftnav">
<action method="unsetChild"><alias>category_filter</alias></action>

I hope it helps..

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