I have an issue with the Admin session timeout in Magento shop older version

I have configured the value in seconds -> 3600 in Admin configuration but it still closes Admin session in 900 seconds.

I have checked the database and there is only

admin/security/session_cookie_lifetime 86200

There is no admin/security/session_lifetime as I have seen in some responses to this topic.

Could it be something in the PHP config? If it is, where could I find those variables?



Check this value in admin : System -> Configuration -> ADVANCED -> Admin. Under Security, in the Admin Session Lifetime (seconds)


If you have it 900 , update it to 86200

Flush the magento cache.

If that doesnt fix try to increase your cookielifetime : System -> Configuration -> GENERAL -> Web -> Session Cookie Management

Cookie Lifetime 86400
Cookie Path /
Cookie Domain .enteryourwebsitenamehere.com
Use HTTP Only No
Cookie Restriction Mode No
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  • Thank you, it worked even without clearing the cache. – frakesTheArtisan Feb 10 at 18:48
  • Glad it helped @frakesTheArtisan – Ylgen Guxholli Feb 10 at 20:40

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