We have just had a brand new updated Magento 1 website and had to re-upload all our images/pdfs. Usually, in the past we label these how we want the URL to show however:

URLs / file names have underscores in as this was the only way that these could be uploaded. The development agency informed us a long time ago that uploading images and files to the website need to have underscores in place of spaces or dashes. EG Envy_3L would be how the file is saved to allow this to work, rather than Envy 3L or Envy-3L. When trying to upload the website banners we came across the issue of it not accepting the file name. Changing spaces/dashes to underscores as advised by the development agency fixed this problem.

These images and pdfs used to rank really well in Google. Google doesn't like underscores in URLs so I am concerned that the new URLs are not going to rank well even with the 301 redirects in place, they haven't indexed yet after 6 weeks post-launch. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/76329?hl=en

We found a similar issue/thread about this on here but just wanted to get some updated advice on it: Replace product image without getting _1 in filename

Can anyone advise, please?

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