I want to change my url to the endpoint of slug on categories. Ex:


should be like this:



We can configure it by URL Rewrites

  1. Go to Magento 2 Admin -> Marketing -> SEO & Search -> URL Rewrites
  2. Find the path by searching Request path column.
  3. Remove the cache php bin/magento cache:clean.
  4. Refresh the front-end, click the main menu category then you can see the configured path.

Example I have modified.

Request path men/tops-men/tees-men.htm

Modified path tees-men.htm


You Can Build category URL path by


Modify getUrlPath($category) by Magento Plug-in feature.

Magento 2 - How to remove parent categories slug from subcategory URLs to make it shorter?

  • Thanks for your response, could you please give me the code for getUrlPath($category)? what should i paste? – MGPM Feb 4 '20 at 8:36
  • if In feature if you are using plug-in than u need to modified. – Anas Mansuri Feb 4 '20 at 8:55
  • No i have not any plugin, just need to override Magento – MGPM Feb 4 '20 at 9:16
  • please click above url, there have some one is created module. – Anas Mansuri Feb 4 '20 at 10:45

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