Have upgraded from to 2.3.3.

But every single category page is now 404'd.

Have truncated a url_rewrite and catalog_url_rewrite_product_category, but no luck.

Have gotten rid of the other root and clear:cached and re-indexed.

Other symptoms: All of the form fields in the categories are blank.

Would very much appreciate any help, thank you! Admin panel screenshot of Blank Fields (whose attributes have data)

--Just to note CMS rewrites are working fine, however "http://host/catalog/category/view/id/[id]" returns 404, so doesn't seem to be a rewrite problem.

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    Did you run reindexing? – Sukumar Gorai Feb 3 at 8:42
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    Which os you are using? can i view your .conf file? – zus Feb 3 at 9:21
  • Hi guys, yup have reindexed - runs fine, am running Centos6: the category rewrites work fine both in the default 2.3.4 install and, so I think it has to be a data corruption issue in the DB; have not installed any modules at all. Cheers! – Wren Feb 3 at 9:33

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