I have Magento 2.3 installation on Nginx server. I removed .html suffix from configuration by going to

System > Config > Catalog -> Catalog -> Search Engine Optimization

enter image description here

Now the categories and products are opening on frontend without html but homepage shows 404 page not found

I tried clearing all the cache, reindexed all the indexes, deployed static content with no luck.

Do I have to change any Nginx setting to make it work?

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Referring to question - Magento 2 - Homepage is 404

See if there are any records missing value for request path using below query:

SELECT * FROM `url_rewrite` WHERE request_path='';

Either remove those records or update with valid values.

  • That worked! thanks @rizwan
    – Nausif
    Feb 4, 2020 at 9:48

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