I have a requirement to show guest-cart items(created and items added using Magento rest API) on the Magento store website to initiate checkout from the website.

I tried http://storeurl.com/checkout/?cartId=asdfasdf with the guest-cart id that I generated using Rest API. But this doesn't work, It shows an empty cart.

Can anyone help me with this? Or at least I want to know, whether this could be possible or not?

  • that's not a rest api you generated there Jan 28 '20 at 15:12
  • @PhilippSander I created a guest cart via API(storeurl.com/rest/V1/guest-carts) and added items to it via postman and I want to view the cart and proceed to checkout in the browser. how to do that? Jan 29 '20 at 7:10
  • did you make sure that you use the same session? Jan 29 '20 at 8:34

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