I want a pop-up to show with a message after the user clicks PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

So the process goes like:

  1. User clicks PROCEED TO CHECKOUT
  2. Pop-up shows with the message with AGREE or DISAGREE buttons
  3. If DISAGREEd, close pop-up, and do not do anything, stays in the same page
  4. If AGREEd, redirect to checkout

PS: I do not need this information to go through backend somewhere, because this message has to be agreed to by all customers, no exception, so I will assume that if the order is placed, then the customer agreed to this message.

PS 2: I know I could place this message in html body, but for our business, this condition is so important I want to create a popup for it.

I'm using Magento 2.2.5 with PHP 7.1

Where should I start?


Copy file from vendor directory


to your custom created theme


Now, search for find placeOrder: function (data, event) and edit this function as given below

if(confirm("Are you sure to place order?") == true){
    //default function code
    return false;

For example:

placeOrder: function (data, event) {

    if(confirm("Are you sure to place order?") == true){
        var self = this;

        if (event) {

        if (this.validate() && additionalValidators.validate()) {

                    function () {
                    function () {

                        if (self.redirectAfterPlaceOrder) {

            return true;

        return false;
        return false;

After compltion run php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f command.

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  • Awesome! Thank you for your answer! Will try this tomorrow and will make sure to comeback here to upvote if it works – RA828 Jan 27 at 20:27

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