I have a custom requirement to upload customer id during checkout.

I have created a custom module with a text type input file. data saved and everything fine the process was.

I want to update the text type to file uploading type.

i tried below method in my custom module. But i am getting an error.

Created a phtml file in


<input class="input-file" type="file" data-bind="value: value,
valueUpdate: 'keyup',hasFocus: focused,attr: {
name: inputName,
placeholder: placeholder,
'aria-describedby': getDescriptionId(),
'aria-required': required,
'aria-invalid': error() ? true : 'false',
id: uid,
disabled: disabled }" />

And defined in the plugin file like below

namespace Ayakil\CheckoutCustomField\Plugin;
use Magento\Checkout\Block\Checkout\LayoutProcessor;
class SmsPlugin
public function afterProcess(LayoutProcessor $subject, $jsLayout) {
    $customAttributeCode = 'sms';
    $customField = [
        'component' => 'Magento_Ui/js/form/element/abstract',
        'config' => [
            // customScope is used to group elements within a single form (e.g. they can be validated separately)
            'customScope' => 'shippingAddress.custom_attributes',
            'customEntry' => null,
            'template' => 'ui/form/field',
            'elementTmpl' => 'Ayakil_CheckoutCustomField/form/element/newtempfile',
            'tooltip' => [
                'description' => 'Mobile (Courier text notifications)',
        'dataScope' => 'shippingAddress.custom_attributes' . '.' . $customAttributeCode,
        'label' => 'Custom SMS Attribute',
        'provider' => 'checkoutProvider',
        'sortOrder' => 0,
        'validation' => [
            'required-entry' => true
        'options' => [],
        'filterBy' => null,
        'customEntry' => null,
        'visible' => true,

    $jsLayout['components']['checkout']['children']['steps']['children']['shipping-step']['children']['shippingAddress']['children']['shipping-address-fieldset']['children'][$customAttributeCode] = $customField;

    return $jsLayout;

But i am getting an error.

 [2020-01-27 01:12:57] [ERROR] Failed to load the "Ayakil_CheckoutCustomField/form/element/newtempfile" template requested by "checkout.steps.shipping-step.shippingAddress.shipping-address-fieldset.sms".

How to upload and save an image in magento 2 checout in shipping form section.Please help me to solve this task.

  • newtempfile.phtml should be an html file and not phtml
    – Piyush
    Jan 27 '20 at 7:50
  • @Piyush thank you very much, Any idea to handle the upload file and processed in the order section to see by admin ?
    – Mujahidh
    Jan 27 '20 at 7:52
  • are you managed to get this working? @Mujahidh Sep 2 '21 at 15:48

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