I have one small question, please suggest the correct answer.

In Magento 2 payment methods are based on billing address or shipping address

Thanks in advance

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    You want to display payment methods based on address. Right? – Dhaduk Mitesh Jan 24 '20 at 7:13
  • no just I want to know default Magento 2 payment methods are based on shipping address or billing address by default – Chala Chalapathi Jan 24 '20 at 7:15

By default in Magento 2 payment methods based on the billing address.

Here is example of that usage from the default payment method class:

to determine is payment method applicable for the customer's country the Magento\Payment\Model\Checks\CanUseForCountry::isApplicable(MethodInterface $paymentMethod, Quote $quote) method used, where the country comes from the Magento\Payment\Model\Checks\CanUseForCountry\CountryProvider::getCountry($quote) where billing address is prefered data source:

 * Get payment country
 * @param Quote $quote
 * @return int
public function getCountry(Quote $quote)
    $address = $quote->getBillingAddress() ? : $quote->getShippingAddress();
    return (!empty($address) && !empty($address->getCountry()))
        ? $address->getCountry()
        : $this->directoryHelper->getDefaultCountry();

I think other parts of code in Magento use a same logic: billing address is preferred, but in case it is not set yet we can use shipping address.

  • But in code, it takes the shipping address for the country. – Dhaduk Mitesh Feb 5 at 8:48

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