See line 726 of the new swatch-renderer.js file for Magento 2.3.4 here.

The jsonSwatchConfig JSON object only includes data for swatch-type attributes. (See \Magento\Swatches\Helper\Data::getSwatchAttributes.) However, the above line in the latest version of swatch-renderer.js assumes that all attributes it encounters _onClick will exist in this JSON.

This results in the following error when clicking non-swatch attributes:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'additional_data' of undefined

It is possible to mix swatch and non-swatch attributes in a Configurable product. Is this a new core bug in 2.3.4?


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My visual (image) switches stopped working since upgrading into 2.3.4.

After going through the files etc, I am very surprised to see no "swatch-renderer.js" file under vendor/magento/module-swatches/view/frontend/web/js"...

I already have it overridden since v2.3.2, that worked fine before, also worked on v2.3.3. But for some reason since it's not being referenced from the XML, I can see that my overriding file isn't going to work unless I re-create that reference.

It's very annoying having to change the code to adapt to the new version, it defeats the object of "have your overriding code separately under /app/code & /app/design etc, so that when the system is updated it won't break" after this release however, I am having exactly that problem which sets me back to re-develop this in some (or another!?) way...

Just makes me shout... "Why!?"

enter image description here

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