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My admin panel was not opening this was giving me to many redirection issue to solve this issue, I had cleared all cache then my admin panel not opening it again redirect to login page.

I also check my account is lock or not but it was unlocked. after that I create new account but how to open admin panel using which link.

  • could you please give some screenshot & your di.xml file Jan 23 '20 at 7:05
  • in magento_root\app\etc\env.php change 'host => ''` to 'host' => 'localhost'` Jan 23 '20 at 7:07
  • my host is allready localhost
    – shital
    Jan 23 '20 at 7:16
  • run this command in your cmd(terminal)=> php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f Jan 23 '20 at 7:18
  • After that what will I do to open admin panel
    – shital
    Jan 23 '20 at 7:23

Please check .htaccess file is present at root directory and in pub folder. Also check .htaccess file in media folder.

  • .htaccess file is present at pub and root directory and media folder
    – shital
    Jan 23 '20 at 8:00

I found solution for my problem after searching some solutions. following link offer solutions could work to solve this problem.


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