I added some checkboxes to the contact form.


<input name="katalogcheckbox[]" id="katalog_1" title="Katalog für Insektenschutz bestellen" value="katalog_A" type="checkbox" class="checkbox" />
<label for="katalog_1">Katalog für Insektenschutz bestellen</label>
 <br />

<input name="katalogcheckbox[]" id="katalog_2" title="Katalog für Fenstermontage bestellen" value="katalog_B" type="checkbox" class="checkbox" />
<label for="katalog_2">Katalog für Fenstermontage bestellen</label>
<br />

I added this to the transactional E-mail, to capture if the user has set some of the checkboxes:

{{if data.katalog_A}} Ich wünsche einen Insektenschutz Katalog - Ja <br/>{{/if}}
{{if data.katalog_B}} Ich wünsche einen Fenstermontage Katalog - Ja <br/>{{/if}}

But it does not capture that users set checkboxes. It does not work.

So I need to debug the data object.

I tried it with this code: {{var customer}} found here, but it just shows Object

The values are transmitted to the server, I checked in in the network console.

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